Science is the engine of human prosperity. The scientific temperament of our billion strong Indian population is essential for defining India’s propensity to innovate, lead, and create jobs of the future. We at Science for a Billion (SFAB) are cheerleaders of Indian science stories and aim to amplify the underrepresented voices of the Indian science ecosystem.

We started SFAB due to lack of a platform for people to get inspired about new science breakthroughs happening in India across different fields. SFAB aims to bring spotlight to the Indian science and innovation space in the following ways:

  • The journey of Indian Science-heroes: SFAB brings out real-life stories of Indian scientists, researchers, grassroots-level innovators, and tinkerers who are creating breakthroughs every day. We cover a wide variety of stories in areas such as basic sciences, design & engineering, etc.

  • Visibility to Indian RnD problems: At SFAB we wish to know your story - the challenges you face as you go through the journey of research and innovation in your field. We hope to uncover these issues and bring them out to a wider audience of fellow peers and changemakers. We engage with people at all levels of society with varying involvement in science and innovation careers -- research labs/startups, academic institutes, students, doctors, agriculturists, policymakers, homemakers, etc. Let us make change happen together!

  • Encouraging Scientific Values: Science works best when values like openness, making mistakes, thinking big, experiential learning, and critical thinking are encouraged. We aim to bolster such values by sharing best practices from thought leaders, successful innovators, high growth startups, etc, who are leading from the frontiers of Indian science. Such articles may cover topics but not limited to: curiosity-based thinking, how to fail fast and often, supporting k-12 science education, mental health, women peer learning, the value of mentorship network, etc.

We need your support to get the dialogue about science started on everyday dinner tables. Let’s pave a path together for a better tomorrow where science is seen not as the last option but as a #1 choice for aspiring youngsters.

Please contact to share your story, opinion, research progress.